LEGO World 2015

 The best LEGO MOC's - LEGOworld 2015

Check out some of the coolest stuff shown at LEGOworld 2015 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

 A full round - LEGO Great Ball Contraption Rube Goldberg GBC

"Very trippy video!", "Awesome edit!", "Awseome how the music was synced to the movements!" One full round! The complete setup! This Great Ball Contraption was built and mostly designed by Maico Arts. Check out Maico Art's Channel for more!

Some of the modules are designed by the most famous Akiyuki.

 Haunted LEGO Train

 Scaled down LEGOland train on custom gauge tracks

This is a scale model of the tourist train running trough legoland. It rides on custom designed tracks which are about 10 studs wide. Small 2x1 plates were used to create the curves.

 Horizon Express on huge LEGO City layout

This layout was created by: Hans Beuze.

Special thanks to Jordi (surname unknown) for his great efforts in creating this video!

 LEGO 9467 Ghost train

WARNING! DO NOT WATCH IF EASILY SCARED! The haunted LEGO Halloween train drives around this spooky track...

The train is the official LEGO set 9467 from "Monster Fighters" and was released in 2012. The train consists of 20 glow in the dark pieces which is the most of all LEGO sets.

The green flame on the front is exclusive to this set and doesn't appear in any other LEGO sets.

 Horizon Express on huge LEGO City layout Ride-on

Take a ride on the LEGO Horizon Express on this enormous layout. Also riding along the tracks is the 60051 LEGOtrain.

 LEGO Elves Fantasy world, Jack and the Beanstalk, Dragon Monorail

 LEGO High-speed AVE train on large Bridge and 3d printed rails

Renfe is a High-speed train running trough Spain.

 35 meter high LEGO tower - Recordbreaking

The tower is exactly 35.16 meters which is a little higher then the previous record of 35.06 meters. The bricks to build this arrived in 20 trucks and weighed about 14000 kilograms. This record was achieved on the 23th of october 2015 in The Netherlands.

 LEGO Plane Train

This monorail plane was shown at LEGOworld 2015 in The Netherlands.

 LEGO Street Tiles - Amsterdam Paradiso

A beautiful layout with highly detailed street.