Stop motion movies

Bananenbuurman has made some nice stop motion movies. You can find them here.

Stop motion movies or brickfilms are very labour intensive to create. Some of these videos took me over 20 hours to animate manually frame by frame. Stopmotion technique is joining single photo's together to create a movement. This is mostly done at 15 frames per second while most of my animations are 25 frames per second. This results in more smooth motion.

 Riots at Banana Neighbor Studio!

A Youtuber from The Netherlands has recently shocked the online community with a controversial name change! True fans of this channel, showing the coolest LEGO creations, expressed their annoyance with massive amounts of comments telling the dedicated content producer to change the name back! In front of his studio a slightly large group of people gathered to protest against the new name. Although they probably couldn't even pronounce it, they want the old name to be restored as soon as possible!

 Riots getting worse!

The riots at the Banana Neighbor studio are getting worse! Also news about a strange looking girl that was arrested by the police. Watch episode 2 of BrickNews!

 LEGO Speed Build Garbage Truck 60118

LEGO quick build of the LEGO 60118 Garbage Truck. Empty the trash containers into the Garbage Truck and help keep LEGO® City clean, with lift, container, trash and 2 minifigures. Get hauling!

 LEGO stopmotion Technic 42030 VOLVO L350F Construction Site

The Mount Expo LEGO stop motion movie! These LEGO minifigures are building something... Can you find out what?

 LEGO Train Friends Party - Surprise Party Fail - Stopmotion

Stephanie's Surprise Party - This took me 20 hours of animating to make! This was also my introduction to learning various stop motion animating techniques and camera moves. How could I've been working so long on just a few bricks... Why did I do this again? ;) 

 LEGO Friends Party Train stopmotion from 4 different angles

Watch the LEGO Friends party Train build from 4 different angles!