Building the lego road

LEGO cars are cool , but unfortunately they're mostly standing idle. That needed to change! So I've built an automated road for my LEGO cars. Now the cars can drive without any built in motors. This makes it suitable to connect any LEGO car available which was one of my wishes when I started this project. It took quite some tweaking to make the ride smooth and stable.

It's 2.4 meter long and 1 meter wide.

 LEGO Road update #002 Inner workings

The underground infrastructure of the LEGO Automated Road. This LEGO 9 volt train pulls the vehicles on the deck above.

 LEGO 4435 Car and caravan Test drive - LEGO Road #003

Test driving the LEGO 4435 car with caravan.

 LEGO Road update #004 Test drive 3221 Semi with trailer

How does the road cope with long trucks like the 3221 LEGO Semi?

 LEGO Road update #005 Test Drive Wide load 4203 Excavator transport

Test Drive Wide load 4203 Excavator transport. Is the system capable of pulling a trailer with excavator?

 LEGO Road update #006 Painting the road

Painting the roads asphalt color. Several layers were painted to create a nice and solid color..

 Racing LEGO Speed Champions - Road #007 Test drive race cars

Featuring: The yellow 75909 McLaren P1 and The red 75908 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

 LEGO 60060 Auto transporter - LEGO Road #008 Test drive trucks

Driving two large trucks at the same time. One is the 60060 Auto transporter, the other is a custom build TV truck. The TV trucks weighs around 600grams, which is very heavy for a lego truck of that size.

 Racing with the Octan 60025 Grand Prix Truck - LEGO Road #009

 Slow driving the Octan 60025 Grand Prix Truck - LEGO Road #010

Take the slow drive with the octan truck!

 LEGO City Grand Prix racecar 60025 - Speeding!

Test driving the LEGO Octan racecar!

 Automatische LEGO Autobaan


what the freak is this THING doing on my road?!