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 Milky Way LEGO Train

Today the LEGO train takes a ride on high altitude! This long outdoor layout is 50 meters long and 25 meters from sealevel!
164 ft. long, 82 ft. from sealevel.

 Building the lego road

LEGO cars are cool , but unfortunately they're mostly standing idle. That needed to change! So I've built an automated road for my LEGO cars. Now the cars can drive without any built in motors. This makes it suitable to connect any LEGO car available which was one of my wishes when I started this project. It took quite some tweaking to make the ride smooth and stable.

It's 2.4 meter long and 1 meter wide.

 Underwater LEGO Train

Take a fast ride on the underwater LEGOtrain. Go with marvelous speeds trough the underwater tube!

 LEGO Train in a Brick World 2

The second layout at the Brick World location

 LEGO trein Looping

Ze zeiden dat het niet kon worden gedaan ... BANANENBUURMAN DEED HET! Een LEGO-trein van VOLLEDIGE GROOTTE naar een 6.5ft sturen. / 2 mtr. lange looping!

Making of:
FAILS video:

 LEGO train on real train tracks

The LEGO 60051 train takes a ride on a real train track! Hopefully there won't be any real trains coming!

 LEGO stopmotion Technic 42030 VOLVO L350F Construction Site

The Mount Expo LEGO stop motion movie! These LEGO minifigures are building something... Can you find out what?

 TUBULAR TRAINS - LEGO train trough 40 meter pipe

You tube? Today the LEGO train travels trough 40 meter of pipes!

 Racing LEGO Speed Champions - Road #007 Test drive race cars

Featuring: The yellow 75909 McLaren P1 and The red 75908 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

 The Hamster Compound #006 The tube