LEGO underwater train

We're proud to present the latest, lego outdoor project. This was a real technical engineering challenge, A LEGO Garden railway featuring a transparent underwater tunnel! Some pictures first:


 Revealing the coolest LEGO Train project ever!

This will be the coolest LEGO railway you've ever seen!

 Take the nightride!

Take a fast ride in the Underwater LEGO train at night!

 Underwater LEGO Train by night part 1

See the LEGO underwater train at night!

 Underwater LEGO Train by night part 2

Watch part 2 of the underwater LEGO Train with the underwatershots included!

 LEGO Underwater train Underwater shots by day

Watch the train travel the tube UNDERwater!

 LEGO Underwater train Underwater shots by night

See the legotrain underwatershots at night!

 Ride the LEGO Underwater train for 90 Minutes

Ride the underwater LEGOtrain 90 minutes long!

 LEGO Underwater train Ride by night 90 MINUTES

Per request: The night-ride! o/ Can you count how many loops?

 Crashing the LEGO Underwater Train

Disaster strikes at the Underwater lego Train! Minifigures WERE harmed during this recording...

 Underwater train backside night

Watch the backside view for the full ride!

 LEGO Underwater Train - Passenger View

Take a seat now in the underwater train and watch the view like a LEGO mini figure!

 Underwater LEGO Train

Take a fast ride on the underwater LEGOtrain. Go with marvelous speeds trough the underwater tube!

 Take the day ride!

Take the dayride!

Ride the legotrain like a LEGO minifigure. Rush trough the forrest, ride alongside the pond in order to travel superfast trough a transparent tube in the water!

 Making of Underwater LEGO Train

See how this nice garden turns into a muddy mess, and then into a cool garden railway!

 LEGO Underwater train Drivers view

Take a ride inside the train, driver's view!

 LEGO Underwater Train Scenery

The surrounding scenery at the LEGO Underwater Train layout.

 Slow version of the underwater train

A new slow version of the lego underwater train has been released. Check it out now!