LEGO Ceiling Train

 Large LEGO Train 7897 layout around my livingroom, old music, 71 meters track!

 LEGOtrain camera

 lego train ride

actual speed!

 camera inside lego train - pov camera

actual speed!

 LEGO train crash Ceiling track

Going a little bit too fast...

 LEGO rollercoaster track

This track was build before building the big layout. A perfect change to see what's working right and what's certainly not. With this experience the big layout could be build.

 LEGO Train 7897 on 71 meter tracks

Another nice edit of the 'Large LEGOTrain Layout'.

 Take a fast ride on the lego train like a lego minifigure

 Never before released: The spiral!

The spiral was finished but was unfortunately never shot on video. Luckily there are some pictures:

It wasn't such a success as a traintrack but acted as a wonderful Christmas tree!

 LEGOtrain rollercoaster track 2