Started by two LEGO train enthusiasts Trixbrix Custom Train Tracks offers now more than 100 custom parts for your LEGO train layout! Wider curves, switches, crossovers, bridge pillar sets, narrow gauge... everything! And all available in various sizes (sharpness of curve).

Very often new parts are designed and released. Check out their Facebook for updates and cool discount offers!
All items by are 3d printed on high quality printers using high quality ABS thermoplastic polymer which is the same material original LEGO bricks are made of. The color of the 3d printed items is nearly the same. The printed items are non-glossy.

For orders in The Netherlands and Belgium go to:

 Monster Crossover R104

One of my personal favorites is the R104 Monster Crossover which can be extended sideways to an unlimited amount of tracks thanks to the new 'Smart Geometry' system by

Check out the R104 Monster Crossover on

For orders in The Netherlands and Belgium go to:

 New website with layout examples

A brand new website by Bananenbuurman to help you find the best suitable LEGO train and Trixbrix layout for your available space.

 Example layout

A nice layout with an elevated platform using Trixbrix bridge pillars.

Photos by: Jan van Hengel