LEGO train crashes on TV: SBS6 report

34-year-old Merijn van den Berg is making good progress as "Bananenbuurman" on YouTube with the videos of his lego train. It traverses the most extraordinary landscapes and water worlds.
Merijn creates these worlds all by himself, simply with things that come his way. And of course his lego train and 125 meters of lego track. Today we followed the filmmaker during a shooting day and that is hard work for Merijn. He does not want to disappoint the three million people who tune into his channel every month. (Broadcasted in 2017)

 Bananenbuurman in the news on RTVNH

I make videos with LEGO trains. I let the LEGO train run on all kinds of crazy places.
That can be, for example, in a factory, on the beach or in a forest.

This is a very sensational environment because of all the thing you can drive through.
You can experience how it's like to be a little LEGO man and see what all those big objects around you look like.

I think it stimulates our fantasy. Most of us played with LEGO when we were younger and it remains something magical.

It's very nice that I can put in all my passion and creativity.

My videos are being watched In 172 countries around the world.

 Interview on LEGO Days event at MBS Boekelo

August 2018 I was in Boekelo to visit the MBS LEGO days event in Boekelo. I was interviewed by RTV Oost as can be seen @ 4:40.

 A visit from Dumpert

In March 2017 I got a visit from Dutch website on the Brick Valley Location. They made a very cool report on how a layout is build. The video is in Dutch only and there are not yet subtitles available.

Full post:

 Meet the Pro by Toypro

Meet the pro Merijn van den Berg a.k.a Bananenbuurman

For our new series ‘Meet the pro’, we interview Merijn van den Berg from The Netherlands, a.k.a Bananenbuurman. Merijn runs a popular YouTube channel with over 123.000 subscribers, on which he builds incredible LEGO® railways. We asked Merijn about his favorite projects and his inspiration sources.

ToyPro: to start with, which of your own YouTube projects are you proudest of and can you tell us about the greatest challenges you faced when building these projects? Merijn: absolutely!

 Bananenbuurman in the newspaper

English translation:

"The Magical World of LEGO Trains"

By: Hanin Ballan

Text under photo: "Merijn van den Berg is very successful with his videos of LEGO trains."

 Bananenbuurman on Qmusic

Bananenbuurman on Qmusic (MP3 format)

Audio clip is in Dutch language (The Netherlands) so here is an English translation:

Kai Merckx: 15 past ten and this is Kensington! I just get this message from Johannes de Boer, he says: "LEGO World is unfortunately over. It were 7 very cool days!" And speaking about LEGO. Merijn van den Berg really likes LEGO trains. He even dedicated a complete Youtube channel to this!

K: Good evening Merijn!
M: Hey there Kai good evening!
K: Hey good evening! Is this an hobby that got out of control or...?